Aluminium Brightener - Acid

Aluminium Brightener
Is a highly concentrated exclusive acid based cleaner and brightener for the rejuvenation and cleaning of aluminium, alloy and chrome equipment. Effective in removing oxidization, leaving a clean (non-white) finish. Proven performance for the cleaning and enhancement of alloy wheels and bullbars. 
Available In: 5, 20 Litres 

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Aluminium Tipper and Tanker Wash - 20 litre

Aluminium Tipper & Tanker Wash 
Is an organic salt, water based formulation designed for the effective cleaning of aluminium. Suitable for all aluminium tipper and tanker bodies it will remove oxidisation on the aluminium surface as well as limestone, light concrete, cemen t, coal dust, soda ash and all road build up. 
Available In: 20, 200 litre 

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Code: ATT

Mag Magic

Mag Magic 
Is an acid based cleaner formulated to effectively clean aluminium automotive parts such as wheels, fuel tanks, bullbars, tray bodies and checker plate. It removes road grime and oxidisation and brings aluminium back to original manufactured finish without discolouration. 
Available in: 20, 200 litre 

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Code: Mag

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