Brake & Parts Cleaner - 350g aerosol

Brake & Parts Cleaner - 350g aerosol  - Brake_Cleaner  - Brakeclean -350 - Boston

Removes brake fluid, oil & other  contaminants  from  brake  sys] tems  including  discs,  drums,  linings,  pads,  cylinders  &  springs. Can be applied without  disassembly of brakes. Acetone  free so will not affect rubber &  plastic parts. 

Available in carton of 12

Available Sizes: 350

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Brake Cleaner

Heavy Duty Brake and Parts Cleaner

A specifically formulated to effectively remove all grease, dirt, brake fluid, oil, dust etc. from clutches and brakes. Suitable for use with both drum and disk brakes. Safe solvent formulation evaporates very quickly leaving parts clean and ready for immediate reassembly

 Available in 5, 20, 200 Litres

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