Dash Vinyl Protectant

Interior/Tyre & Bumper Shine
Premier One dash is lightly perfumed silicone emulsion used to clean, lubricate and soften vinyl finishes. Dash provides a high quality finish to automotive vinyl interiors, instrument panels, doors linings and cover strips, providing an “original look”, non greasy surface finish. The lubricants and softeners also aid to extend vehicle interior life.
Available In: 5, 20 Litres

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VRT - Vinyl, Rubber & Tyre

VRT - Vinyl, Rubber & Tyre  - Vinyl_Protector  - VRT - Waxes_Polishes
V.R.T. Vinyl Rubber & Tyre Protecant
Is a water based cream formulathat contains modern polymersthat coat and bond to rubber, plastic, and vinyl to protect and beautify. It gives a dark rich look rather than a wet, greasy finish. V.R.T. does not attract dust or road grime. V.R.T. gives an excellent finish to internal plastic, vinyl, dash and console surfaces as well as seats. Regular use will protect and eliminate fade from uV rays. 
Available in: 470ml 

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Code: VRT

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