Aerosol Range

Aerosol Range  - WD_Lube  - Aerosolgroup -

Premier One can supply a range of aerosol products for your workshop needs.

All products are supplied in cartons of 12.

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Chain Spray - 350 Aerosol

Chain Spray - 350 Aerosol  - WD_Lube  - chainspray-350 - Boston

Allows  long  term  internal  and  external  lubrication  of  bearings,  gear mechanisms, roller and ball  bearings,  O]ring  seals,  clutches,  chains, wire cables and joints.  Resistant to temperatures rang] ing from –25 to +160° Celsius.  Excellent  corrosion  protection.  Displaces moisture. Does not drip  or smear. Transparent. Good Ad] hesion to produce smooth, quiet  running  chains.  Water  repellent  and economical. 

Available in carton of 12

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Code: chainspray-350

Lithium Grease - 350g Aerosol

Lithium Grease - 350g Aerosol  - WD_Lube  - LG-350 - Boston

An  all  purpose  grease  that  will  not freeze or melt & offers excel] lent resistance to salt corrosion.  Ideal for steel on steel or plastic  to steel lubrication. 

Available in carton of 12

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Code: LG-350

Multilube - 350g Aerosol

Multilube - 350g Aerosol  - WD_Lube  - Multilube-350 - Boston

A  powerful  WD  spray  to  eliminate moisture combined with a  penetrating oil to free parts frozen by rust.

Available in carton of 12

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Code: Multilube-350

WD Spray

Water Dispersing Spray
Water displacement spray is a hydrocarbon solvent based spray used to dry wet automotive, electrical equipment’s and for loosening rusted items. Effective for tar, bug removal and light degreasing.
Available In: 5, 20 Litres

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